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Who We Are

PSG Tuning is your leader in diesel custom tuning. We will pair you up with the best programmer and performance tunes fit for your diesel! We offer SCT, Edge, HP Tuners, NGauge, MM3, EzLynk, and more!


SCT/Bully Dog

SCT specializes in automotive performance and fuel economy solutions for most gas and diesel Ford, General Motors, and Dodge/Chrysler cars and trucks.


Universal vehicle communication devices that allow you to diagnose, monitor, and program your vehicle. They use cloud based technology to allow you and your mechanic/technician to communicate or transmit data in real-time..

EFI Live

EFILive is a tuning tool that allows you to electronically crack open the stock ECU and TCM in ’01-to-current Chevys and GMCs, and ’06-to-’09 Cummins-powered Rams and access and adjust the data.

Edge Performance

Edge Products has become the premier name for aftermarket performance electronics. Initially, the company was built on the production of performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. Over the years, however, Edge has expanded its offerings to include innovative game-changing products for diesel and gas truck and SUV markets. 


MM3 Power

The MM3 is based on the Smarty Touch hardware platform, but the similarities end there. MM3 is dedicated to the custom tuning market and the professional tuner. The MM3 can be considered an “Open Tuning Platform”.


Plugs directly into the vehicle's OBD2 port and displays hundreds of paramaters on digital gauges. Installs in seconds and offers the most comprehensive data list of any OBD2 gauge. Automatically sleeps when the vehicle is shut down and wakes up when the motor is started

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